Where can you use Nordic Chic Primer?

If you have furniture made of wood that might contain a lot of tannins you can use our Primer to stop them from bleeding through. Applied twice it stops “bleeding through” in most cases quite safely and should be able to replace shelllaquer as an isolating primer very well.

Some advantages of Nordic Chic Primer over shell laquer : Nordic Chic Primer is more elastic than schell laquer and Nordic Chic Primer does not swell up in touch with water.

Nordic Chic® Primer is Clear when dry

Coverage: Approximately 70-90 millilitres per square metre. Half a liter is enough for 6-8 square metres – depending on the properties of the surface.

Colour: Clear

Thinner: n/a – product is ready-to-use.

Drying Time: Depending on room temperature and relative humidity, the product will normally be touch dry after 15-30 minutes and ready for sanding down after 45 minutes. The surface can be given the second coat after about 2 hours.


Preparation: The surface should be dry, absorbent and free from grease and dust.

Application: Apply Nordic Chic Top Coat undiluted in two coats. A light sanding is advisable after the first coat has dried (grain size 180 – 240). Apply Nordic Chic Top Coat thinly.

  • Tools: Brush, roller or a suitable spraying device (e.g. Airless or Aircoat). Apply sparingly. Use soapy water for cleaning the tools.
  • Storage: Store containers tightly sealed in a cool but frost-free place.
  • Ingredients: Water, earth pigments, tensides, mineral filling material, vinegar ester, 0.1% synthetic preservative (MIT / BIT)
  • Safety: Even if non-poisonous keep out of the reach of children.
  • Disposal: Allow unused enamel paint to dry. Get rid of the leftovers according to the local rules in force. Do not dump into the drain.
  • VOC Directive: VOC-Content (g/l): 0.01

Content: 500ml