Prep & Clean

Nordic Chic® Prep & Clean

is a ready-to-use, high capacity intensive multipurpose cleaner, wax remover and degreaser with the cleaning power of pinewood oil soap.

It is an excellent universal cleaner for use anywhere in the house, but is especially suitable to get your furniture nice and ready for a coat of Nordic Chic® Paint.

Prep & Clean comes in a handy spray bottle to give you that extra bit of convenience when conditioning your wooden treasures.

How to:

Moderately moisten the surface with a wet cloth. Afterwards
spray on Prep & Clean and leave to work for a couple of minutes. While still wet, wipe the surface with a clean cloth to get off the dirt and the cleaner. Repeat if necessary.

When all stains are gone give the surface a final wipe with a moist, clean cloth to remove the cleaner completely. Make sure the surface is fully dry before painting it with Nordic Chic® Furniture Paints.

  • Drying Time: Depending on room temperature and relative humidity, the product will normally be touch dry after 15 minutes. The surface will be fully dry / ready for painting after 2-4 hours approx.
  • Coverage: ca. 11-14 m² per litre.
  • Cleaning: Clean tools immediately after use with warm soapy water.
  • Storage: Keep containers tightly sealed and out of reach of children. Store in a cool and frost-free place.
  • Ingredients: Pinewood oil soap, essential oils, water.
  • Disposal: Do not discharge into drains. Allow unused cleaner to dry; then it can be disposed by the local waste disposal rules.

Content: 1 liter