Nordic Chic Paint Mediums

We offer a variety of products and tools to “enhance” and elevate any paint project to the next level. Our products are developed for both beginners and experts. Have fun! Experiment. There are no limits to what you can create!

We have North Sea Texture to add a sandy, beachy feel to your project, we also offer a Crackle medium to create the old world feel patina. If you want to add Bling to your project you should try our Fairydust – it is made from mica which is makeup grade and therefore totally harmless to your skin (it can also be used in making soap bars etc.) Mix a little Fairydust into you wax or Topcoat and it is easy to use.

Some people uses Glaze to enhance their surface. Mix a little paint in desired colour into the clear Glaze and you can add it on top of your paint – you just wipe of the exces and that way create a coloured glaze. We also have a Silver Glaze which will add beautiful silver sheen to your surface.

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