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Transform Your Home with Nordic Chic Paint.

Welcome to Nordic Chic Paint, where we offer a unique range of furniture and interior paint that embodies the essence of Nordic elegance. Our carefully curated selection of colors and paint types allows you to create a stylish and timeless home that reflects the Scandinavian design tradition.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your walls, breathe new life into your furniture, or embark on a creative DIY project, Nordic Chic Paint has the perfect product for you. Our high-quality, eco-friendly paints are easy to use and provide a beautiful, durable finish that will elevate any space.

Explore our beautiful color palette and be inspired to unleash your creativity with Nordic Chic Paint. Join us in embracing the beauty of Nordic design and elevate your home with our exceptional range of paints. Transform your living space today with Nordic Chic Paint.

Our chalk paint can be used on many surfaces such as furniture and walls. It will attach to almost all surfaces. It requires no sanding or priming, You are ready to paint straight away. Nordic Chic® chalkpaint comes in 61 amazing colours.

Our paint is made of non-poisonous raw materials and is harmless for you and your environment when used as intended.

Make sure the surface is clean and dry, use Nordic Chic Prep & Clean to wash down furniture, remove loose coats of old paint or lacquer first. Paint one or two coats, we recommend Nordic Chic paintbrushes, they have been developed for this type of paint.

How do you seal the painted surface?

To finish off and seal the paint, you can use either Nordic Chic Wax or Nordic Chic Topcoat, depending on which surface you would like. You can find the finishes here.

Remember colour differences can occur depending on which screen you are looking at.

Do you want to paint outdoor furniture or windowframes or other items outdoors?

We also have a paint suited for outdoors projects. You can read more about Outdoor & More here

Where can you buy Nordic Chic chalkpaint?

Find your retailer here or buy here

Nordic Chic®️ is certified with the EU Ecolabel and it is compliant with EN: 71-3, meaning that it’s safe to use when painting nursery furniture