Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the wax from my furniture?

Wax can easily be removed with Isopropylalkohol 99%. You can also use it to remove forexample nicotine smells etc from a piece of furniture.

What brushes should I use for painting? And what kind for waxing?

Brushes are a personal choise.

If you want a more smooth surface you should go for a synthetic paintbrush. But if you want a bit more structure and texture you should use our Nordic Chic brushes made from natural hairs – they come in three sizes.

he wax can be applied with our wax brushes also made from natural hair and an exclusive wooden handle. It comes in two sizes and it will enable you to get all the way into narrow spaces and corners.

You can also use a lintfree cloth to apply the wax with.

How long time does it take for the paint to dry? And how long time after before I can apply the wax?

It depends on the weather, but often it will be dry within 2 hours and sometimes faster. The wax can be applied when the paint is dry.